Alan Azizollahoff is an international businessman in the field of gaming. What started out as an investment in a Peruvian bingo hall back in1985 has catapulted him into the respectable position of entrepreneur in the global world of online gaming and gaming equipment. He also takes philanthropy seriously and is a generous supporter of many Jewish and Israeli organizations.

Early History and Education

Born in the South African city of Durban, Alan Azizollahoff attended the Carmel College. He later moved to Israel for a short time so he could study at the internationally recognized design academy, Bezalel School of Design, which is located in the capitol city of Jerusalem. After receiving a BA in industrial design, he married a woman from Peru and they moved to South America to begin professional life. 

Beginnings in Bingo

Once in Peru, Alan Azizollahoff developed an interest in the gaming industry and invested in a company that owned a bingo establishment. He followed that with further investment in another gaming operation called Inversiones Hobby SAC. He became CEO of the firm and led it into a position of being one of Peru's largest gaming establishments. Later on he established a company that developed, produced and supplied all sorts of electronic gaming equipment and peripherals called Heal Technology. As his business holdings and operations grew not only throughout South America but also around the world, he continued his path in the direction of online gaming. As he has continued to grow, his business presence is felt in some 30 places in Peru and he could report sales of around $80 million by the year 2007.

Current Companies

Businessman Alan Azizollahoff

As Chief Executive Officer of Jade Water Group, Inc, Alan Azizollahoff succeeds in marketing machinery used in gaming and developing gaming software. He is a major stockholder of Jade Water Group and moved to Miami, Florida where the company has its corporate offices. The Jade Water Group serves as a holding company for gaming service providers and enjoys a strong reputation in South America. In addition to that, Alan Azizollahoff is also a stockholder in another holding company called SAGSA. That firm also represents companies involved in the gaming industry. 

Aside from the gaming market, Alan Azizollahoff also holds multiple real estate investments in North and South America. In addition, he invests in service operators that supply necessary commodities to the gaming industry, such as call centers and marketing firms.


Although Alan Azizollahoff is an extremely successful businessman, he invests both time and funds in promoting several Jewish organizations in the US and in Israel. The recipients of his generosity are the renowned Mount Sinai Medical Center, the ADL, the Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue, Hillel School and the US branch of the Lupus Foundation. He also supports the Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, which is located in Miami.  In Israel, he supports the Tiferet Shlomo Orphanage, which provides shelter for children with no other place to go. Together with his wife, they established "Pilates for a Cure" to promote dance in the Israeli town of Pardes Hannah.

Personal Details

Alan Azizollahoff and his wife, the parents of four children, live in Miami, Florida in the US. He enjoys traveling and the arts, including pre-Columbian, contemporary and modern. 

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