Alan Azizollahoff was born in Durban,  South Africa on April 27, 1959.

In 1966 he began his education at the Carmel College School and completed learning in 1975.

In 1976 Alan Azizollahoff left his native South Africa and moved to the Middle East. He settled in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, where he enrolled in the Bezalel School of Design. He graduated from the school with a BA in industrial design in 1981.

Back in South Africa, he took a position as manager at V. W. Peruano SA, a laboratory that creates aerosol products for the pharmaceuticals industry, where he worked from 1982-1985.

1985 found Alan Azizollahoff in Peru, where he relocated and married a Peruvian national. He made his first step into the gaming industry with an investment in Inversiones San Juan, which involved partial ownership of "Bingo Camino Real", a local bingo hall.

Alan Azizollahoff

In 1993, he sold his interest in Inversiones San Juan and established "Fortuna", which was one of Peru's first slot halls. He was the CEO and its major shareholder.

Alan Azizollahoff was a gaming location operator at Orial SAC from 1994 until 2002. He was responsible for putting into practice the programs proposed at the general meeting of its shareholders and by the general management. Also in 1994, he became CEO and one of the major stakeholders of Inversiones Hobby SAC, which was working with Peruvian electronic casino operators. That company went on to become one of the most popular gaming institutions in all of Peru.

Through joint partnership with a developer of technology, Alan Azizollahoff established Heal Technology in 1996, where he created, developed and produced high-tech gaming products, which mostly amounted to electronic roulette programs and systems to control gaming machines. Those products were sold to companies in South America as well as throughout the world. As well as manufacturing and selling the equipment, Heal Technology also placed them in various locations on a participatory rent plan. Manufacturing facilities were located in Peru, Argentina and Columbia.

When Alan Azizollahoff later purchased Hilton Group PLC and Sodak Gaming Inc in 1999-2000, which were two Peruvian subsidiaries, his total number of gaming locations throughout Peru stood at twenty-seven

2002 was an important year, as that is when Alan Azizollahoff globalized his holdings in gaming by moving to Miami, Florida and subsequently founded the Jade Water Group Inc., where, as its majority shareholder, he serves as the COO. He then diversified his businesses as both a casino and slot hall operator and a slot machine distributer to many Latin American countries.

Alan Azizollahoff formed South American Gaming as a holding company in 2004 and consolidated many of his businesses, which are still going strong. In that same year he bought shares in SAGSA. As a shareholder, he took on the job of managing companies, operating casinos and slot machines, which he still handles today.

Still in Miami, Alan Azizollahoff, became a shareholder in Promotora Itza in 2007, where he owns slot machines and is responsible for their placement.

In 2012, Alan Azizollahoff remains a resident of Miami, Florida and has maintained his business positions at Heal Technology SAC, Promotora Itza, SAGSA, and is the COO and Administrative Manager at Jadewater Group Inc,

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